The Renaissance & Reformation mcqs

The Renaissance And Reformation MCQS. Get MCQS from the Renaissance and Reformation periods and prepare yourself for FPSC, PPSC, NTS,  MCAT, NET, GATE and other tests. There are different categories related to the Renaissance and Reformation periods.

3- The Renaissance And Reformation ( 1485-1660 )

How was knowledge spread all over?

A. through Germans’ knowledge
B. Through Americans
C. Through Britain’s efforts
D. Through the Greeks

D. Through the Greeks

Renaissance is known for:

A. Acting or Behaving
B. to bring back to good
C. to bring back to its original signification
D. Revival of learning

D. Revival of learning

Renaissance means:

A. Acting or behaving
B. Revival-Rebirth
C. The process of bringing an object back
D. Colonial

B. Revival-Rebirth

The Renaissance Age is known as?

A. The Elizabethan Period
B. The age of Marlowe
C. Post Restoration period
D. Colonial Period

A. The Elizabethan Period